Here are some of the most fabulous garden lighting ideas ever


I have this writer friend who is constantly obsessed with having plants all over her house. She calls then the oxygen plants which apparently give out more oxygen inside so that they do not have to go out. She is a writer and I suppose she loathes going out because that could mean getting distracted and not finishing her book in time! I am only guessing. But a lot of people are only concerned with how to bring the plant life inside. Does anyone honestly give a thought to taking the indoors outside?

That is an out of the box thing!

A few people actually go to a little distance and take their houses outside, for instance think about what a lovely time you can have in the garden partying or spending time with spouse and/or children if the garden is adequately lit up!

Light when the sun goes home:

A well lit garden can become a great escape from routine and a great refreshing place to spend time alone or with friends and family only if the lighting is properly done. It can almost create some magical moments, memories of which you will cherish for a lifetime. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started. We are going to tell you about some of the most fabulous ideas of lighting up your outdoor space to spruce up your evening s and nighttime. How does star gazing or a romantic alfresco sound to you?

To get the spark back:

If you are gearing to have an outdoor dining area, you must first select a secluded portion near the patio. The perfect lighting for such a spot is to have wall attached mood lighting. The lights must have warm glow and should not be too bright. Additionally, you may opt for candles and other lanterns to light up the décor and plush up the place. You can even go for a canopy light over the dining area. The lights over the table ensure adequate lighting over the food.  A candlelight dinner on the patio under the skies is sure to bring back that spark that you are so yearning for! forex market

The built in lights:

If a landscaped garden is what adorns the front of your doorstep, take full advantage of this blessing. If you have already landscaped or are in the process of landscaping your garden, try to go for the integrated lights that will add up fine details and create a mesmerizing effect after dusk. Integrated lights ensure that there are clunky fittings or ugly wires jutting out of the lights and they flow smoothly with the landscape. Another idea is to add lights to highlight different areas in layers. A warmer light at the core and the highlighters around the water body and a focus light near the statuettes! This can almost bring alive the place and you will want to spend all evening outside only!

Ensuring you leave no carbon footprint?

You can make a smart choice by opting for solar lights that gather up enough energy in the day and light up automatically by sunset. They require the least maintenance and have no big plumbing to do beside the fact that you do not have to pay for the electricity because the sun’s energy is totally free!


Something totally retro:

At a recent garden do, a friend had lit up the entire garden with metal lanterns that had aromatic tea candles lit in them. The effect was so beautiful that it almost soothed all our weary nerves. There is nothing quite like great lighting, great smell, good food and the best of company? What do you say?!



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Have you tried tiffany lamps?

Oh, you cannot even imagine the kind of psychedelic and therapeutic environment that you can create with tiffany lights and lamp shades. These colorful lights are a savior when it comes to lifting up the mood of the exteriors. They can throw colorful light on the plants and give a chic look to the entire garden. What is more, the lamps can be carried to the interior when not in use and used to brighten up an excellent corner indoors.
Seriously, there is so much you can do:

There is no limit to the magic you can create with lights and a little bit of imagination. There are millions of ideas to make your garden stand out and be the reason for life long memories. If you are hunting for ideas to light up your green patch, you may also log on to and get inspired!

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