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Do you have the perfect garden and you are looking to accentuate it at dusk? Perhaps make it an extension of your house? Or making a party spot because you believe in wasting no moments of life?

We are here because we are good at it:

Light endears more than darkness. There is so much goodness that great lighting can bring to a place that it can almost transform the place. The magic of the perfect lighting is enough to make a dull and lifeless place into the most happening and the liveliest place to chill out, hang around and enjoy some of the most blissful moments.

You ask us and we give you:

No, this is no dare. But seriously, if there is something that is there on your mind and you want it to be made like how you are thinking, we are game! There is nothing that we are going to refuse you. In fact our specialty is making customized lighting that borders on kitschy. So, if you have that perfect idea of that gypsy light and a brass light but you want a combination of both, come to us!

The biggest repertoire in the whole industry:

With stores across the world and the biggest flagship in terms of area we stand today as the market leaders. We have pioneered a number of technology and hold patents for most of the lighting fittings that are commonly used today. Our catalogues cannot be found in the public domain but they can be requested by mail.

We love to hear from you:

There is so much that we can help you with. Indoor lighting, outdoors, special lightings, mood lighting and the list is just endless. You can log on to our website and check out what we can do for you or you can also drop us a line so that our business associate can seek an appointment with you to show you what we are good at!

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